Blacksmith & Custom Metal Work & Steel Fabrication

Blue Mountains Metal Fabrication

Ben is now plying his trade in the blue mountains where he is residing but is also happy to service the greater Sydney area. Hot working steel is limited only by the imagination and budget. He is happy to discuss any project you may be interested in from furniture and fittings inside the home to gates, railings and landscape features outside.


Before the development of effective methods of steelmaking and the availability of large quantities of steel, wrought iron was the most common form of malleable iron. It was given the name wrought because it was hammered, rolled or otherwise worked while hot enough to expel molten slag. For this reason decorative steel items like gates, railings, balustrade, balconies, handrails and fencing is these days often incorrectly referred to as wrought iron work. The modern functional equivalent of wrought iron is mild steel, also called low-carbon steel. Hot working of this steel is called forging and is most commonly performed by a blacksmith.

Ornamental Ironwork

What can be produced using hot forging metal fabrication processes is wide ranging. Inside the home any furniture items such as chairs, stools and tables can be made in this solid long lasting way. Also beds, day beds and lounges, loveseats, benches and swings. For the fireplace firescreens or guards, logstackers, firedogs and firetools like pokers can be fabricated.

Candelabra and candle holders are popular metal work fixtures in the home as well as pot racks, chandelier and other lights. Any form of holder that is needed from potholders to hooks are possible. All such things can be produced right here in the blue mountains so please make contact for any enquiries

Barn Style or Church Doors

Barn doors are a popular addition to the modern home bringing an old world charm whether antique or custom made. An often overlooked part of the appeal of these large double doors is the decorative metal hinges and the rivets that fix them to the door. Elaborate scrolls of custom steel hinges not only enhances a barn style or church door but is the real feature that gives it the appeal that is often sort by the designer.

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture projects are one of my favourite things to work on in my shop. In my furniture pieces I like to incorporate a variety of materials with the forged steel such as stone, wood, glass, and other metals to create furniture with layers of texture and detail. I can source wood slabs for table tops and often incorporate reclaimed wood and stone into my work as well.

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